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Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra Oral Jelly represents a medication of the new generation that contains the all-familiar ingredient sildenafil but, unlike the tablet form of the drug, it appears to be more effective and has a range of perceptible advantages. It is commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and allows achieving a better erection that lasts for not less than 4-6 hours. The jelly form of the drug is more convenient to use, especially for those patients who are not accustomed to swallowing tablets or have any stomach disorders.

 Drug Name:  Kamagra Oral Jelly
 Pill Strength:  100 mg
 Best Price:  $3.70
 Payment:  Visa, MasterCard
 Shipment:  EMS (3-9 business days), Mail (14-21 days)
 Prescription:  Without Prescription
 Where to Buy?  Visit Online Pharmacy

Recommendations for Use

This drug should not be taken without first consulting a qualified medical practitioner to find out the maximum effective dose and duration of treatment that are advisable in your case. Each portion of the drug comprises 5 g of fruit-flavored jelly containing 100 mg of sildenafil. It is advisable to follow these tips when using the drug:

  • Use the medicine about 20 minutes before a planned sexual intercourse;
  • If necessary, the drug can be diluted in a cup of water so that you could drink it as a fruit-flavored beverage;
  • It is not advisable to mix this drug with food, because having a meal before taking it may postpone the process of drug absorption and lead to delayed erection;
  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol while using this product;
  • Avoid mixing it with grapefruit juice to prevent unwanted interactions.

More information: https://www.theindependentpharmacy.co.uk/erectile-dysfunction-ed/guides/truth-kamagra-unlicensed-treatment


Do not take this drug without doctor’s prescription to avoid possible complications. Keep this drug away from children’s reach. Kamagra Oral Jelly is a high-quality and safe medical product, but it is not advisable to take it if the following applies to your situation:

  • If you are currently using other medicines for the treatment of sexual dysfunction;
  • If you have hypersensitivity to the components of this drug, which may pose a risk to your health;
  • If you suffer from chronic or acute conditions. In this case, a preliminary consultation with a doctor is necessary;

If you are under 18 years old.

Elderly patients should use this drug with caution, while the consumption of alcohol during the treatment process may strengthen the side effects that sometimes occur after taking this drug.

Side Effects

As a rule, Kamagra Oral Jelly does not provoke too many side effects which are always temporary and do not pose a serious risk to your health, unless they are provoked by the intake of excessive amounts of this medicine. The most frequently occurring side effects might include the following symptoms:

  • Mild headache and lightheadedness;
  • Hot flushes and redness of face;
  • Impaired vision and sensitivity to light;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Nose congestion;
  • Sleepiness;
  • Chest pain;
  • Dry mouth;

Irregular or too fast heartbeat.

These side effects are not permanent and go away after the effect of the drug is over. However, in case you experience any serious adverse reactions provoked by an overdose, make sure you see your doctor right away and seek medical help whenever necessary.